The Journey Begins…

It’s December, and the end of the year is nigh.  Outside my window, a new day emerges.  The sky is gray with a promise of snow flurries.  A few twisted branches, dark silhouettes in the morning sky, stretch like gnarled fingers outside the window next to my desk.

Though the morning seems dull and dreary and cold, I am on fire.  The last few weeks have been an exciting time for me.  My dreams have become concrete, and I’m moving past the procrastination which has plagued me the last few years.  To paraphrase Shia LeBeouf, I’m no longer content to allow my dreams and desires to lie dormant and unrealized.  The time has come to get out there and do it.

I’ve made several strong steps towards the accomplishing of my goals.  Though I’ve been a member of Nanowrimo for several years now, there’s never been more than halfhearted attempts on my part.  Until now.  For the first time this year, I stuck to it and got up every morning to write for an hour or so before heading off to work.  In the evenings, another couple of hours was spent banging away at my computer.  Most weekends were spent getting my stories and ideas of stories down on paper.  And I won.  November 29th saw the completion of my task: I had reached almost 52,000 words.  Score!

I’m excited about the coming year.  Ten short stories are in their final stages, and they will be ready by the end of December for submission.  Several first chapters of books have been completed, and I am steadily plugging away at them.  Following the advice of many accomplished writers, I am building my presence in social media and developing “my brand.”  In January, I’m also beginning a mentorship to help me build my new career as a writer.  Suffice it to say, 2019 looks to be an exciting first year on my path to becoming a published writer.

This blog, Dark Trails Through the Twisted Wood, will be an exploration of the world of horror fiction.  It will also be a chronicle of my journey.

Come, join me.

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