Book Reviews

The Prisoners of Stewartville, by Shannon Felton

The Garden of Bewitchment, by Catherine Cavendish

Midnight in the Graveyard, edited by Kenneth W. Cain

Desper Hollow, by Elizabeth Massie

Predators, by MichaelBrent Collings

Quoth the Raven, edited by Lyn Worthen

Second Lives, by P.D. Cacek

The Girl with Ghost Eyes, by M.H. Boroson

Darker Days, by Kenneth W. Cain

The Dark Game, by Jonathan Janz

Black Wings, by Megan Hart

The Haunting of Henderson Close, by Catherine Cavendish

Mayan Blue, by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason

Coyote Songs, by Gabino Iglesias

Bird Box, by Josh Malerman

For Emmy, by Mary Sangiovanni

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